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1 Feb, 2012 - Find me at DW!
[Scrubs] Activate!!
Moved over to DW mostly for RP purposes, but I made my own personal DW just to see if I can actually blog more. Feel free to add me!! 8D

I dunno about idiot_icons yet but I'll still update the comm regardless.
2 Nov, 2011 - lj login :(
[Scrubs] Activate!!
You know that part in the Simpsons where you get a glimpse of Homer's mind and it was a cow playing a ukelele or something?

Yeahhhh that's me right now.

But here's something funny. Man, I love Steve Harvey as the host.

21 Oct, 2011 - Icon related.
Heyyy just 'cause I write a tainted crazy possessed freedom fighting terrorist revolutionary doesn't mean I agreeeee with him.


By the way, new icons over at idiot_icons
[GnR] Estranged solo
Watching GnR performing at Rock in Rio. c8 Live and Let Die~

Nostalgiaaaaa and DJ Ashba teehee~

I hope I can go to Rock in Rio someday.

Commentary as this goes:

cut for picsCollapse )
[Kuwabara] Captain Faker- that's me!
Ueghh I need to do a proper update. Erm...here are some new things that I don't think I have mentioned here before:

- I got glasses for driving.
- I'll be [hopefully] heading to San Francisco State University for Fall 2012. Apps for CSU start today.
- I still hate math and that will never, ever change.
- I got a cut on the side, near the front of my tongue from eating salmon skin and it hurt a hell lot the second day. I had oragel with me while I was at school and was pretty much rendered mute for two days. It was pretty cool. I learned to use non-verbal communication in different ways and used signs (well, index cards) like Wile E Coyote.
- I got a plurk. It's the same as my LJ account so if you haven't added me there already, feel free!
- Uh...............................

New-old stuff I've gotten into:
- Star Trek: TOS. It's gayer than every yaoi manga I've read ever.
- Assassin's Creed. Almost done with the first game.

I'm doing everything backwards, it seems. Shouldn't I be playing......I dunno what's a new-new game... League of Legends(?) and watching My Little Pony or something?

- Looots of icons I've yet to post. Revolutionary Girl Utena, Assassin's Creed, Star Trek, Team Fortress 2 (mostly from Meet the Medic)

And I don't have a "favorite song" but here's one that I've been listening to very often.

Secret Garden - The Things You Are To MeCollapse )

Or rather, The Things You Are To Me is a vocal version of Songs From a Secret Garden. I've been listening to Secret Garden a lot. Most of their stuff (like...89%) is instrumental, which I love. They got a mostly vocal album (Inside I'm Singing, which The Things You Are To Me is from) too, which is totally awesome. I'd spam all of the songs I love from Secret Garden but. That's a lot. Maybe later.

This isn't the sort of music I would willingly speak about to others. :x It's obviously not something everybody in my age group listens to or is used to, so I can't really talk about it. I avoid talking about music period.

Uh...what else is new...

Fandom crushes?Collapse )

So I thought I liked a guitarist who is actually around my age group.....sort of. He looked mid 20-something to me. Most of my crushes are on guys who are 30+ :'D I wiki'd him and he's actually 38 years old. 8'D YEAP STILL GOT IT.

I have him "liked" on facebook and aside from Darren Hayes and Slash (who was my first crush at like, 5 hahaaa), he's the only other celebrity whose facebook statuses I actually read. HE'S SO ADORABLE. D8

Uhhhhhh..........yeah I dunno what else to type. Ask me a question?
19 Sep, 2011(no subject)
[Luigi] Second Fiddle
I am not allowed to be myself.


Except in my own imagination. I'll just leave it at that.
3 Sep, 2011(no subject)
[Anders] 8), It IS talking!
I knoooow I haven't been around. :'D I haven't checked my flist or anything. /feels bad

I've been online though, on AIM and such. I also made a plurk. Feel free to add me if you haven't! Aside from the usual school and things, I've been rping. I've been rping as Anders and Utena over at underworldwars .

Look, I'm even studying how to play my characters.


So. How are things going?
3 Aug, 2011(no subject)
[Nostalgia Critic] :D;
Sorry for not posting around as much. I did recently make a new icon post though and have been commenting here and there if/when I can.

I'm officially 21 as of today~ But instead of drinking, I will be studying for my final on the 4th. :|

On the plus side, my brother is taking me to Vegas on the 14th~ c:

Have you DA folks played Legacy yet? It's awesome! C8 And it makes me happy.

boy/girl meme thingCollapse )
22 Jul, 2011 - Voice Post
[Speed] Heh, Hehe
877K 5:10
(no transcription available)
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