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Ueghh I need to do a proper update. Erm...here are some new things that I don't think I have mentioned here before:

- I got glasses for driving.
- I'll be [hopefully] heading to San Francisco State University for Fall 2012. Apps for CSU start today.
- I still hate math and that will never, ever change.
- I got a cut on the side, near the front of my tongue from eating salmon skin and it hurt a hell lot the second day. I had oragel with me while I was at school and was pretty much rendered mute for two days. It was pretty cool. I learned to use non-verbal communication in different ways and used signs (well, index cards) like Wile E Coyote.
- I got a plurk. It's the same as my LJ account so if you haven't added me there already, feel free!
- Uh...............................

New-old stuff I've gotten into:
- Star Trek: TOS. It's gayer than every yaoi manga I've read ever.
- Assassin's Creed. Almost done with the first game.

I'm doing everything backwards, it seems. Shouldn't I be playing......I dunno what's a new-new game... League of Legends(?) and watching My Little Pony or something?

- Looots of icons I've yet to post. Revolutionary Girl Utena, Assassin's Creed, Star Trek, Team Fortress 2 (mostly from Meet the Medic)

And I don't have a "favorite song" but here's one that I've been listening to very often.

I looove the melody and the vocals. *_* It's so beautiful and perfect and wonderful that I'm not even sure if I want it played at my wedding or funeral. Whichever happens first.

Songs From a Secret Garden is an instrumental piece of it:

Or rather, The Things You Are To Me is a vocal version of Songs From a Secret Garden. I've been listening to Secret Garden a lot. Most of their stuff (like...89%) is instrumental, which I love. They got a mostly vocal album (Inside I'm Singing, which The Things You Are To Me is from) too, which is totally awesome. I'd spam all of the songs I love from Secret Garden but. That's a lot. Maybe later.

This isn't the sort of music I would willingly speak about to others. :x It's obviously not something everybody in my age group listens to or is used to, so I can't really talk about it. I avoid talking about music period.

Uh...what else is new...

Fandom crushes:

Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelley) from Star Trek: TOS

(Not a single fuck was given that day.)

I'd tap him so fast, he'd lose his medical license.

Gene Kelly (I'd make a "I'd tap him joke" but he'd be better at it than I am. /rimshot)

^This isn't new. Considering I love older men in general, my love for DeForest/McCoy is no surprise.

The BIG surprise for me is the next guy:

DJ Ashba

Hnnngh It's not how he dresses or his hair or anything like that. I'm not into that sort of look. It's his god damn smile and goofy mannerisms. Like these:

I can just stare at this guy forever and ever. I'm waiting for Sunday to watch the live broadcast of Rock In Rio just to see him perform. 8|

Actually, he won me over in a mere instant. Mind you before I saw this clip, I had NO IDEA who he was.

Just skip straiiiight to 2:59 and he does that widdle smirk. B| And I was like "WHOA WHO WAS THAT /REWIND"

And and and

At 3:28 OMFG THAT IS SO ADORABLE AHHH ;___; I wish I was there to see it up close.

So I thought I liked a guitarist who is actually around my age group.....sort of. He looked mid 20-something to me. Most of my crushes are on guys who are 30+ :'D I wiki'd him and he's actually 38 years old. 8'D YEAP STILL GOT IT.

I have him "liked" on facebook and aside from Darren Hayes and Slash (who was my first crush at like, 5 hahaaa), he's the only other celebrity whose facebook statuses I actually read. HE'S SO ADORABLE. D8

Uhhhhhh..........yeah I dunno what else to type. Ask me a question?
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