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18 Jul, 2011 - Voice Post
[Speed] Heh, Hehe
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12 Jul, 2011 - Voice Post
[Speed] Heh, Hehe
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“Oh my God I just had a conversation about creepers yesterday and look what happened. I ran to those guys that I saw at Target like a year ago. I think I, I forgot and I haven't talked about him on ___ but I know I told some of my friends about it so maybe I said but yeah I, we ran into each other again at the Dollar Store just now and I said you know he was looking for ___ or something but I can't ___ see if he's still behind me. I don't know he's across the street. Ok that's better. Thankfully walking towards the campus and away from me. Anyway he just started like being chatty about why don't ___ something and I was like ok sure bye I'm gonna go by myself now and he's all like didn't we talk before and I'm, I didn't recognize him at first until he brought it up and he said we met at Target I'm like oh we did I don't remember I do I clearly do it was a stupid ___ and I wanted to punch him in the face for it and, and I was like no walk away. He, I remember, he told me ___ that he graduated and stuff already. What the hell is he still doing here? I don't know. He, girl, it's just that creepy coincidence since yesterday I had a conversation about creepers and then here we go. I wouldn't call him creepy just is stupid. Anyway I'm just gonna go get a drink maybe some ___ or something. Anyway let's ___ about A X later. I'm sorry I haven't done that yet. Anyway see you.”

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26 Jun, 2011 - HAY
Any of you guys going to Anime Expo? :o

If so, need a hotel room? :P It's a maybe, depending on the answers.
25 Jun, 2011 - Voice Post
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22 Jun, 2011 - Voice Post
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“I'm near my house. I'm at the bus stop. I'm not gonna go on the bus or anything but on the floor I don't know why anyone would leave their sounding device sounding that's the key word or sounding device right there on the bench where people can see it. I took a picture but it's way too dark. Just I don't even know what to call this, random findings of the evening I guess.”

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20 Jun, 2011(no subject)
[Woody] Hey there partner
Went to a friend's going away party 'cause he's heading to San Francisco. We had KBBQ in K-Town and it was delicious, of course. I played with someone's pet bearded dragon too! Annnd befriended one or two other people. I can't seem to find this one fellow's facebook though.

We spent a lot of time chattering about in the restaurant and then to Yogurtland in Little Tokyo. Then took lots of pictures in the Village Plaza. Jimmy had this really nice camera and took a lot of cool photots. Dunno when they'll be up, but I'll be posting them in a private entry when they are. :o

Yesterday was Father's Day. I gave my dad these two shirts that I bought from Macy's (which was one of the most annoying purchases ever 'cause the employee was one of those persistent "sign-up-for-this-thing-or-else-please" folks) and we went to Tofu House (another Korean restaurant 8D;;) with two of my brothers.

I was hoping for there to be pics to share buuuut they haven't been posted yet. :'D

I watched all 3 Toy Story movies, made icons of the third one which can be found at <lj user="idiot_icons". Been realllly wanting to go to the Griffith Observatory too. D: Not sure when though.
[Gene Kelly] Dignity...always dignity
Several things happened but uhhh...the ones that immediately come to mind are...

- Got an A- on my sci-fi/fantasy fic. I'm sure she just went easy on me though. I know I could've done better. Don't think I'd be posting it anywhere.
- Went out with Betty after my geology final yesterday. Went around Old Town, had yummy Italian food, went shopping like a couple of girls that we are. We got matching dresses~ She got the red one and I got the black one. I can't wait to wear it with her somewhere. 8D Bought my dad two shirts from Macy's too. Spent a lot of money but it's finals week I don't care.
- Just my socio and speech finals left.
- The only good thing about my geology textbook (we NEEEEEEEVER used it) is that I sold it for $30 at the book mart.
- I hate the book buyback at school. Nothing good ever comes out of there whenever I go in. :| "Oh no CD we can't take this book. Oh we are selling this new edition so we can't buy yours" And while that crap is annoying, it's understandable (and I say that with gritted teeth while holding a bat)...TODAY I was waiting in a line under the hot sun and when it was almost my turn the bitch said, "Oh sorry we are closed until noon after we we're done with [the girl in front of me]."

What I did: I walked away, straight to book mart. Made $30 easy.
What I wanted do: Beat them with a crowbar.

If I my books are too expensive to sell on amazon (shipping and all), I'm gonna sell my shit at book mart from now on.

Anyway, time for socio final.
[Muppets] :|
Had to type why the things we are carrying in our kit are so important. I find this part of the assignment a waste of time. B| You can just tell that I am doing my best NOT to sound sarcastic.

do di doCollapse )

my progress to write this gemCollapse )

Anyway, I also have answered some questions from the DA meme in that voice post there.

Now it's time for me to sleep...and prepare to write a whole story in one day.
8 Jun, 2011 - Voice Post
[Speed] Heh, Hehe
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